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Pain Free Dentistry in Preston, the Holy Grail of Gentle Dental Care

Pain free dentistry or gentle and caring dental care should come natural and as an integrated part of any dental treatment, it should never be an optional ‘extra’, as we are all human, and none of us would look forward to pain and distress.

There is no longer any justification for inflicting pain in any dental treatment as with modern dental technology and local anaesthetics all dentists should be capable of delivering a painless injection which produces adequate local anaesthesia for each and every dental treatment.

 Although the painless technology has been around for a while, most new patients are as wary as ever. They are frequently worried that treatment will hurt and any reassurance from the dentist is usually viewed very sceptically. Previous dentist has also reassured them that "this won't hurt" and then proceeded to do just that. Why should they believe you a new dentist?

Preston dentist at Lane Ends Dental Practice explains that a caring and gentle course of dental treatment should always start with the right planning; there should be time to do everything we need to and communicate with the patient, which is our main key tool!

Patients do vary in the amount of time it takes for their mouths to numb. And the key is definitely ‘not to rush’. Don’t rush the anaesthetic, use the proper amount according to the patient, and don’t rush the treatment.
We know that most of you don't love coming to see us, but we want to make your dental visits as simple as possible. Sadly, many clinicians forget what it's like to be on the receiving side of an injection, and therefore don't take special care to make it as painless as possible.

As your local pain free dentist in Preston we know the starting point of treatment is with the injection. it's imperative to always use a topical anaesthetic first; this bubble-gum flavoured gel is placed onto the gum for a few minutes, which has the effect of numbing the gum before the injection is given. A lot of dentist's don't bother to do this, but we know that it really makes all the difference, and only takes a few extra minutes.
We also make sure that the anaesthetic is warmed to body temperature and given very slowly and gradually, this makes certain that the injection is as pain-free as possible. It may sound unbelievable, but in the majority of cases the patient doesn't need to feel anything when having a dental injection.

It is unfortunate that many dentists still believe that pain-free dental care is impossible. This is a problem that must be addressed before the profession can try to challenge the public's view of dental treatment being painful.

If you would like to make your next dental treatment virtually pain-free, contact your dentist in Preston, Our aim is to treat every patient holistically, both clinically and emotionally. For anyone with a fear of the dentist or with a low tolerance of pain, our minimal intervention dental techniques will alleviate any worries. 


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