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Summer Dental Tips

There’s nothing like summer weather to get you into vacation mode. Whether you prefer to curl up with a book in your backyard or head out to the beach, summertime invites to rest and relaxation. But don’t let your oral care go into relaxation mode! Being on vacation or going on a trip can take a toll on your teeth when it causes you to deviate from your normal routine. Make sure you follow these summer dental tips so that you can ride out the summer with a perfect, beautiful smile! Drink water -  Keep your mouth moist throughout the day.Cut down on high-sugar beverages. Even energy drinks presented as “healthy” and juices marketed as “all-natural” often have very high sugar content.Brush and floss regularly. The key here is to get in between your teeth and give your teeth at least one very good cleaning each dayDon’t chew on ice. While it can be tempting on a hot day, ice or other hard substances can damage the teeth.
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