Is Tooth Bonding Right for Me?

Tooth bonding or cosmetic dental bonding refers to the use of special composite resins in order to rebuild part of a tooth’s missing structure. 

The dental resins used for tooth bonding are quite durable. In addition, these composite dental resins are colour matched to your teeth so that they are virtually undetectable. Therefore It requires great expertise and an artistic eye to achieve optimal aesthetics.

Tooth bonding is best suited to deal with minor chips and cracks on teeth that are cosmetic in nature and do not compromise the overall structure of a tooth. Cases of minor tooth discoloration or tooth stains can also be fixed through tooth bonding. For tooth damage along the biting surfaces of the teeth, composite bonding resins can be used to form inlays and onlays.

The tooth bonding process is relatively simple and involves no pain or discomfort. A dental resin is selected that most closely resembles the natural colour of the tooth to be treated. The tooth is then prepared for the tooth bonding material, which means making the surface a bit rough in order for the resin to adhere more effectively.